Doreen Montalvo made one more splash during “In The Heights”.

Last year, before the pandemic, Montalvo and fellow Broadway stars Karen Olivo, Mandy Gonzalez, Janet Decal and Krysta Rodriguez, got to see some of the film.

The original cast of the stage production took in the scenes ahead of the planned release. During that, Montalvo got to see her cameo.

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“In The Heights” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda shared a sweet clip of her seeing it for the first time.

“Forever grateful that Doreen Montalvo got to see her moment, cheered on & surrounded by the women who loved her so much. Grateful to @LacketyLac for having the presence of mind to capture it. Miss you Doreen,” Manuel shared on Twitter.

Montalvo sang her line “Nina, Mira” in the song “Breathe”.

She died in October 2020 of a stroke.

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“The late, great Doreen Montalvo, who was in every version of In the Heights from 2002 to this movie sings her part in ‘Breathe.’ The part where she sings ‘Mira, Nina.’ That’s Doreen, and she passed away last year. And I’m so glad that we were able to immortalize her performance in the movie,” Miranda previously told Cinema Blend.

The film, which is in theatres and can be streamed now, also has a special tribute to the late star in the credits.