Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s youngest daughter isn’t afraid to express herself.

The “Veronica Mars” star took to Instagram to share the “threatening notes” left by Delta, 6.

“I often find threatening notes like these around the house…(This note was taped to her door during her 30 mins hunger strike),” Bell wrote.

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The notes read “Don’t disturb, Delta is starving to death, only Mom can come in” and “Deltas cookie Don’t eat it or else…” next to a sliver of a cookie.

“Guess I should be grateful my kid can speak her mind! (And appreciates leftovers.)” Bell joked.

Bell and Shepard are also parents to Lincoln, 8.

Bell recently reunited her parents, Lorelei and Tom Bell, after a year apart due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as her dad’s birthday.

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“Saw my parents for the first time in over a year,” she captioned a series of photos. “It was my dad’s birthday, so we took him out to a nice dinner and he told me that since it was his birthday he absolutely did not have to take his mask off for the pictures I wanted.”

Bell added, “I get my stubbornness from him.”