The battle of the Chrises lives on.

As Chris Evans gets ready to celebrate his 40th birthday on Sunday, his “Avengers” co-star and fellow Chris–Chris Hemsworth took to Instagram to troll him.

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“Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you’ll always be number 1 in my book,” Hemsworth wrote next to a photo of himself and their other co-star Chris Pratt.

Despite tagging Evans, he has yet to respond.

Hemsworth previously told Variety that he and Evans couldn’t do Marvel press together because they had a hard time focusing on work.

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“With Chris Evans, I have a real brotherly bond. I think they wouldn’t pair us up on this press tour, because we just spend the whole time screwing around and none of it is on topic,” Hemsworth said.

Evans seconded this, adding, “We had too much fun together, and truly like kids in school, we were separated because we weren’t getting s**t done.”

“Thank you for all the birthday love!! Feeling incredibly grateful today. You put a smile on this haggard, old face. I love you all!!” Evans said after countless well-wishes.

A number of other stars also took to social media to celebrate Evans include his Twitter girlfriend Yvette Nicole Brown and Mark Ruffalo.