One marriage proposal in Los Angeles went an extra step on Saturday.

A lucky lady named Mollie Pratt was first proposed to with a skywriting message. The message was then followed up with a “she said yes”.

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Not sparing any expense on the skywriting, more messages like “I love you more than anything” and “until death do us part” appeared. Typically, one message can cost thousands of dollars.

However, it was the final message that had everyone confused as they trolled Joe Rogan.

“Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3,” it read.

The message gained lots of attention on Twitter as locals expressed their delight and confusion over the message.

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For fact sake, Rogan is actually 5’7″ as per Google. However, there is an entire Reddit thread dedicated to how tall Rogan is, with many claiming he is shorter than he says he is.

Safe to say that Rogan won’t be invited to the wedding.

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