Chris Pratt’s fake “Parks & Recreation” band are releasing a very real album and ET Canada caught up with the star to chat about making music and his new action movie “The Tomorrow War”.

“I’ve always wanted that band on the album,” he says with a laugh. “I hope that when it goes platinum, I get to have a disc thing on my wall.”

As for a Mouse Rat track appearing on the “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3” soundtrack, Pratt says, “You’re going to have to just wait and see!”

But for now, fans can catch Pratt and co-star Edwin Hodge attempting to save the world from future alien invasion in “The Tomorrow War” on Amazon Prime Video.

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When the cast were asked which of the film’s stars would be the most likely to sign up to fight for humankind’s future, Hodge came out on top.

“I know how to shoot a gun and I can run fast,” Hodge says, as Pratt confirms his speed.

“You can run soooo fast!” he says.

“We did this take after take after take, running down this Main Street,” Pratt explains. “I was like, ‘Man, I’m 40, but I’m kicking out. I’m like, running. This is good. I know everyone’s running top speed and I’m like kind of leading the pack.’ And then they go, ‘OK, on this one, Edwin, really take off.’ I was like, ‘Edwin really what?'”

“He left me. The dust was like Coyote and the Road Runner,” Pratt laughs.

“The Tomorrow War” lands on Amazon Prime Video on July 2.