Lin-Manuel Miranda is addressing critics who claim his new movie under-represents members of the Afro-Latino community. 

“In the Heights” is a musical turned movie based on the real Washington Heights in New York’s Manhattan, which is home to a large population of Latinos with darker skin. 

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However, many of the main roles in the film went to Latino actors with lighter skin.

The movie also removed a subplot from the original musical tackling prejudice against Afro-Latinos and Blacks in the larger Latino community.

Miranda took to Instagram on Monday to respond to negative comments about the film.

The Tony Award-winner began his post by explaining that he originally wrote the musical because he didn’t feel “seen”.

“I can hear the hurt and frustration over colorism, of feeling still unseen in the feedback,” he wrote. 

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“I hear that without sufficient dark-skinned Afro-Latino representation, the work feels extractive of the community we wanted so much to represent with pride and joy. In trying to paint a mosaic of this community, we fell short.”

Miranda told fans that he’s “truly sorry” and “learning from the feedback.”

“I thank you for raising it, and I’m listening,” he continued.  

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“I’m trying to hold space for both the incredible pride in the movie we made and be accountable for our shortcomings.”

Concluding the post, Miranda promised, “to do better in my future projects.” 

He added, “I’m dedicated to the learning and evolving we all have to do to make sure we are honouring our diverse and vibrant community.”