Jonah Hill was responsible for a lot of confusion on Sunday following an Instagram post that quickly went viral. 

“50 and thriving,” wrote the “Wolf of Wall Street” star, while captioning a photograph of himself looking dapper.

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Many fans rushed to Google the actor’s real age, while others commented on his slick outfit and more mature appearance.

“The old punker who owns the venue now,” joked one follower.

“You look like an investor visiting the opening night of a restaurant that you put your kids college fund into,” wrote a second.

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Hill, who is actually 37, took to Instagram to respond to an article about the post on Monday.


Important news! 😂” he wrote under a screenshot of the story. 

“At least they’re not confused if you’re thriving or not,” noted actor Justin Long in the comments.

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“Because your handsomeness is crushing them,” added “Basic Instinct” star Sharon Stone.