Donald Trump wasn’t much help to A$AP Rocky.

When the rapper was arrested in Sweden on assault charges in 2019, then-U.S. President Trump intervened on his behalf, tweeting that he intended to speak with the Swedish prime minister.

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The Swedish government at the time released a statement clarifying that the prime minister would not interfere, explaining that “everyone is equal before the law and the government cannot interfere in legal proceedings.”

Rocky was later released on a suspended sentence after being found guilty of assault for his participation in a brawl in Stockholm.

Now, Rocky is telling his side of the story in the new documentary “Stockholm Syndrome”, which had its premiere over the weekend at the Tribeca Festival.

“I personally don’t know A$AP Rocky but I can tell you that he has tremendous support from the African-American community in this country,” Trump says in archival footage featured in the doc. “I have been called by so many people asking me to help A$AP Rocky.”

But according to Rolling Stone, Rocky says in the film that Trump’s involvement in the case had him “scared that Trump was going to f**k it up.”

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He goes on, “But then on the other hand, I’m just like, ‘That’s what’s up, man.’ You want the most support you could and it’s like, ‘Oh, the president supports you.’ That felt good ’cause for the most part, I don’t think [Trump] ever knows what’s going on in the urban communities … I was thankful for that, I can’t lie. I was also scared that it would jeopardize me being in [jail] longer.”

Ultimately, Rocky believes Trump’s meddling may have had a negative influence on the proceedings.

“In reality, I had no problem saying thank you to the man [Trump], especially if he helped me,” Rocky says. “That’s the narrative they pushin’: that he got me out. And he didn’t free me. If anything, he made it a little worse.”