Ryan Reynolds is urging people to get back to dating.

The actor shared the latest Match ad, which addressed people’s reticence to date during the pandemic, on social media.

The lyrics, sung by an incredible group of wedding singers, urge people to “get back to love.”

Reynolds chatted about the ad — made by his production company Maximum Effort — on “Good Morning America”: “This is a piece about getting back to love. Maximum Effort, my company we adore bringing people together. 2020 brought people together in a different way. Now trying to bring them together with an all-around great song.”

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The Canadian star explained how the people singing in the video were all wedding singers, many of whom had gigs cancelled over the pandemic.

Reynolds was also asked whether he remembers what it was like being on the dating scene after being married to wife Blake Lively for almost 10 years.

He shared, “I kinda do because at least I was there with my wife. The last date I went on with someone that wasn’t with Blake, it was a double date where Blake was with someone else and I was on a different date. We all went together and then a couple months later she and I ended up on a train together to Boston and that’s where the sparks flew and the rest is history.”

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Reynolds was later joined by his “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” co-star Salma Hayek during the “GMA” appearance. The pair talked about their new movie and Hayek’s recent Britney Spears dance video.

Blake Lively, Reynolds’ wife, took notice of his new song.

“How I find out my husband is on match…” she quipped in the Instagram comments of Reynolds’ post. “This song though.”