Tina Fey knows how to make an entrance.

Some stars arrive in a stretch limousine, others touch down on a private jet. Fey made her way to Studio 1A for the “TODAY” show in a private double-decker bus. The alum of Global’s “Saturday Night Live” was the first in-studio “TODAY” guest in 455 days, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Fey and Meredith Scardino’s pop-star parody on Peacock, “Girls5Eva”, is earning Emmy buzz and has already been renewed for season 2. The comedian dished on casting the show, but there was one young actress in particular that host Katie Couric was curious about.

“There is another rising star in the show, her name is Penelope Richmond. Do you know her?” Couric asked.

“I do know her,” Fey laughed. “I live with her. I gave birth to her and I will be cooking her vegetarian chicken nuggets later. Our daughter Penelope ended up being in the show. There was a part for a nine-year-old and I was like, ‘If we don’t let her audition for this she’s going to kill us.'”

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“She auditioned, she put herself on tape. Meredith was like, ‘Should we give her the part?’ And I was like, ‘No, we can’t give the boss’s kid the first job they ever audition for,'” Fey explained. “We hired another kid but because of the pandemic, the kid was out of state and couldn’t come in. I was like, ‘Penelope you’re up.’ And she did a great job and she was super professional.”

All eight episodes of “Girls5Eva” are available to stream on Peacock.