Not cool, Elon Musk.

Miley Cyrus took to Twitter on Monday to jokingly shun her “Saturday Night Live” guest colleague Elon Musk for spilling her secret: Miley Cyrus IS Hannah Montana.

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The SpaceX/Tesla billionaire posted a meme taking aim at the international hacking collective, Anonymous, featuring someone in a Guy Fawkes mask (a la “V For Vendetta”).

Musk replied with another dig at Anonymous: “133T H4X0R got my phone.”

“133T H4X0R” is gaming terminally for an “elite hacker,” usually one who uses tools to give themselves an unfair advantage in multiplayer video games.

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The jabs at Anonymous are a response to the hacking groups’ threats towards Musk over the weekend. Anonymous threatened Musk for what they said was his undue influence on cryptocurrency markets via his social media posts.

Cyrus and Musk appeared together on Global’s “SNL” in May.