Annie Murphy has found her next role, and it’s a big change.

In the new issue of the Television Academy’s Emmy Magazine, the “Schitt’s Creek” star talks about starring in the genre-bending new series “Kevin Can F**k Himself”.

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“Even with the success of the show, I was still waiting by my phone; and it wasn’t ringing,” Murphy says of the period when “Schitt’s Creek” was coming to an end. “That was fine in seasons four and five, but when season six came around and it was just crickets, I was like, ‘Well, this might’ve been it.’”

Finally, Murphy was cast in the new series, in which she plays a woman caught between two realities, one in which her life is acted out as a TV sitcom complete with laugh track, and in which she exists in a depressing marriage and begins plotting to kill her husband.

“It was not only unique and exciting — it was about something. It was such a weight off and such a sigh of relief when I read this script,” Murphy says of the show.

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Talking about how “Kevin Can F**k Himself” deconstructs classic sitcom tropes of the boorish husband and disgruntled wife, the show’s created Valerie Armstrong says, “At first blush it seems like a show about a toxic marriage. But to me it’s about how women can save each other from toxic situations. We are absolutely asking people to watch it and laugh. But what I want you to do is laugh and then sort of cringe, like, ‘Wait, what did I laugh at? What have I been laughing at? And at whose expense?’”

Murphy adds, “I was grateful that I wasn’t just a sitcom wife and that I get to be so much more than that in this show.”