Kevin Hart is shutting down haters who complain that he’s “not funny.”

On Tuesday, June 15, Hart took to Twitter to share his thoughts in a series of tweets, beginning by writing, “I got time today….”

He continued by addressing “slander” telling him that he’s “not funny,” pointing out that he has three standup comedy specials that are in the top 10 highest-grossing comedy specials ever, and has two of the top three comedy specials.

Hart continued by reminding Twitter that he’s “been the highest-grossing comedian in entertainment for years now,” and has “also been the highest-grossing comedian at the box office with over 4 billion earnings ….”

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In fact, Hart argued that the “hate/slander” simply “fuels” him to work harder and achieve even more.

According to Hart, “It’s not about getting to the top….it’s about doing your best to stay on top after you get there.”