Jeffree Star is pulling up stakes and leaving California just 18 months after he purchased a $14.6-million Los Angeles mansion.

On Tuesday, the YouTube makeup mogul posted a video admitting that 2020 “really took it out of me, and I had so much time during COVID and lockdown and quarantine to really re-evaluate my entire life. I finally had a lot of time to address things that I was not ready to address with myself [and] was too scared to deal with my personal issues, and so many mental things that I was running from, so I’m selling this house. I need to say goodbye to California for a second,” he explained.

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“You guys know I live in Wyoming part-time, now full-time, and I really needed to do it for me. This decision was astronomically hard. There’s so many factors in my life, and after months, I think I’m ready,” he continued. “It’s really, really lonely here.”

Star also addressed the size of his mammoth home, which features such amenities as a three-storey glass elevator, 16-car garage, and a 5,400-square-foot barn.

“Do I need to be in a house this big? Of course, I don’t. My ego at the time thought I did,” he conceded.

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“I manifested every single thing and I’m so proud of that, but internally I was suffering immensely. I wasn’t telling the people that loved me, that surrounded me, and who were on my team what was really happening and that was one of my biggest regrets is not asking for help,” Star told viewers.

“I had to stop hanging out with idiots, I had to stop dating, I had to just really focus on me. Everything was a distraction. I had to stop it all… I’m ready to let go of so much. I’m ready to really focus on my inner happiness and my peace.”

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Star also revealed that he’s started therapy.

“I really needed help with why I react the way I react, why I do the things I do, somehow got caught up in joining this YouTube space and the beauty world, now the beauty community is insane. I don’t even think there is one anymore currently today, but I was part of the problem. I also got swept up… I’ll regret that forever, all the crazy things that have happened publicly. So many things will never be said,” he said.

“I’m actually in a really, really great place mentally. I feel like I’m thriving, I’m closer to my family than ever before. I’m really focused on creating again and I’m happy. I really am.”

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