No wonder Chayce Beckham didn’t seem all that shocked.

Appearing on “The Bobby Bones Show”, the most recent “American Idol” winner revealed that he actually knew he’d won moments before his name was announced.

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“About the moment they called my name… I’ve never said this to anybody,” he said. “This actually happened. That card is huge. And [host] Ryan [Seacrest] was right next to me. I saw my name on the card.”

Beckham continued, “This is the first time that story has been told. Ryan is standing there and goes, ‘The winner is’… I didn’t want to look at it. That’s when I accepted it. Then he said my name and everyone’s like, ‘He didn’t seem surprised.'”

But, of course, he wasn’t surprised, as he explained, “My name was massive across this giant gold card. I saw it about 10 seconds before he said my name.”

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Talking about his success in music and on the show, Beckham gave all the credit to his supportive parents.

“We went through some hard hard times and so I gave up 100 per cent on myself almost as a person and they were the ones who were like, ‘No, you can do this and you can be somebody. You can chase down your dream,'” he said. “They believed in me more than I ever believed in myself.

“For the rest of my life, I owe them everything and giving them everything that I can. And that’s why I try to come out and do these things. So I can take care of my family and make sure that they’re taken care of, and that they don’t ever have to worry about anything, because they’ve worried about me plenty.”