Jean-Luc Picard is in for a rude awakening.

“Star Trek: Picard” released a new teaser trailer for season 2 on Wednesday in celebration of Captain Picard Day, and it’s the first time Picard (Patrick Stewart) comes face to face with Q (John de Lancie).

“What the hell is happening here?” Picard asks himself in the Paramount+ teaser.

Suddenly a voice cuts through, surprising Picard to his senses. “Excellent question, Jean-Luc,” Q says. “Oh dear, you’re a bit older than I imagined… Oh how I’ve missed you.”

The shock on Picard’s face says it all, as he can only manage to say one word, er, letter in response: “Q…”

“Welcome, my friend, to the very end of the road not taken,” Q tees up, as flashes of the “Star Trek: Picard” cast flash throughout. Time has been broken and Picard and his crew have been tasked with saving the future.

“I can get us home, together,” the leader declares before the trailer cuts to Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) looking very, very different. Something is certainly amiss.

Watch the season 2 teaser below.


“Star Trek: Picard” returns in 2022 on Paramount+.

ET and Paramount+ are both subsidiaries of ViacomCBS.


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