“The Masked Singer” goes to great, great lengths to preserve the contestants’ secret identities, just ask Wendy Williams.

Williams had a short-lived run on the mystery singing competition as Lips. The talk-show host says it was her laugh while performing Odyssey’s 1977 hit “Native New Yorker” that gave away her identity. In a new interview with “Late Night”, Williams told Meyers about the competition’s super-serious production procedures.

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“They send a plane for you, first of all,” she dished. “From the time you land, they throw a burlap sack over you and shuttle you off to the hotel… you cannot be seen. You can’t shop. You can’t go out with friends. You can’t do anything in between doing it. And all you can do is sit in your hotel room.”

Adding, “Like, literally, they won’t even let you order room service because the room service person might recognize you as being who you are.”

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Williams was holed up in a hotel room for a week and only her “people” were allowed to go out and get things for her.

“It seemed like a month,” Williams quipped.