Michael J. Fox was presented with the ATX Television Festival’s Award in Television eXcellence during a virtual ceremony on Wednesday.

As People reported, Fox was honoured by friend and “Rescue Me” co-star Denis Leary. They spoke about his role on “The Good Wife”, which defied expectations in the way people with disabilities are portrayed on-screen.

Fox was a recurring guest star on the CBS drama, which ran from 2010 to 2016, as handicapped lawyer Louis Canning.

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“My whole idea behind this guy, it was a real simple concept. I just thought that people see a wheelchair or see someone with a disability on television and the music gets soft and hazy and then the guy is struggling with some mundane task, trying to conquer this thing — like me trying to put a ball on a tee on a golf course — and then they finally do it and the music rises to crescendo…” said Fox.

However, he had a far different take in mind for the character.

“Handicapped people can be a**holes too,” he explained. “Handicapped people can be jerks and manipulative, and so it was fun to play one.”

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