Annie Murphy has the taste for Coldplay. Literally.

On Wednesday night, the “Schitt’s Creek” star appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and played a game of “True Confessions” with the host and Seth Meyers.

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Among the questions posed was, who is the most famous person whose seat you’ve tasted?

As it turned out, the answer was Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, as Murphy revealed that she “touched him at a concert, then licked the sweat off my own hand.”

The actress explained that she wanted to ingest Martin’s sweat so that a part of him would always be with her.

Also on the show, Murphy sat down for an interview and talked about embarrassing herself the first time she met Fallon.

Fallon showed pictures from her Instagram account of her completely starstruck in the makeup chair backstage at the show when she first met him as a guest.

But Murphy explained that she once went to the show as a guest of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara years before.

“And just to add to the embarrassment of this, the first time meeting you, I hope you don’t remember, I was hiding out in the green room, and Catherine in very Catherine fashion was like, ‘Come on and meet Jimmy,'” she recalled.

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“And so I kind of Gollumed out of the green room and approached you. And you were like, ‘Annie, it’s so good to meet you, you do such a great job on the show,'” Murphy said. “And all of my internal organs fell out of me and just vowels and consonants spilled out of my mouth, and then I ran, not walked, back to the green room—you were still standing there—ran back to the green room, and promptly burst into tears.”

She added that when she told her parents about it, her father had never been more disappointed in her.

“Kid, for Jimmy Fallon? You cried for Jimmy Fallon?” he joked.