Having a healthy body image is important to Evangeline Lilly.

In recent weeks, the “Ant-Man and The Wasp” star has been sharing photos and videos on Instagram of her intense physical training regimen, showing off fitness techniques for followers.

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On Wednesday, the 41-year-old Canadian actress shared a series of selfies and a video of her body in a swimsuit, along with an inspiring message for fans.

“Recently I had a day where I was really feeling myself and my body in a new way,” she wrote. “That day, bed-head, no make-up, sticky in the Hawaii heat, I felt connected to myself, my power and my beauty in way that felt unapologetic, grown and autonomous. I snapped some posey pictures, until a song swept me up in movement 🥰 my favourite way to stretch, strengthen, feel and express!”

“I thought I would post them with a caption that basically said, ‘my body is not a trend’,” Lilly continued. “Whatever the trend of the moment says – skinny and twiggy, slender and elegant, tough and Tom-boy, curvy and sensual, voluptuous and banging, always young – none of them dictate me. My athletic, strong body has always been my friend, my companion, my servant, my queen and my guide…and I honour her.”

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She wrote that she decided in the end not to share the images, until a post by Australian athlete Georgie Clarke calling on women to use the hashtag #mybodyisnotatrend.

“So I am posting now, speaking out what I feel. I hope it implores you to feel your own beauty, in your own way, today and always, in the face of such great pressure,” Lilly wrote. “I am beautiful. You are beautiful. My body is not a trend.”