Kim Kardashian isn’t about to change her image.

In a preview of part 1 of the upcoming “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reunion, the reality star is asked by host Andy Cohen whether she plans to pull back on posting sexy selfies as an aspiring lawyer.

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“I thought about this,” Kim says. “And then I thought, You can do it all. You can do whatever you want.

She reveals the thought also crossed her mind when she visited the White House.

“I was like, ‘I just posted a bikini pic. I hope they’re not looking at my Instagram while I’m in here,'” Kim recalls. “And then I thought, You know, you gotta be you.

Asked why she doesn’t want to give up posting pics like that, Kim explains that it’s “so freeing” to be comfortable in her body.

She does admit, though, that she has some qualms about being sexy on social media for completely different reasons.

“I also don’t want to embarrass my kids or make them feel a way if they’re in high school,” she says, “and I’m the embarrassing mom that’s posting selfies in bikinis.”

She adds, “There will be limits” as her kids get older.

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Plus, Kim has her sisters to let her know if her social media posts are getting too risqué.

“We just support each other for what we do, but we also have group chats,” Khloé Kardashian says.

Khloé also reveals that sometimes Kim sends photos to the group chat twice to make sure she gets approval.

“She sent it two days in a row thinking we wouldn’t remember that it was the same photo from the day before,” she says.