Gwyneth Paltrow may be a huge movie star, but not in her kids’ eyes.

Paltrow admitted her daughter Apple, 17, and son Moses, 15, whom she shares with ex Chris Martin, haven’t gone out of their way to watch her films.

Especially Apple, who the actress said hasn’t seen any of them.

Paltrow revealed during an appearance on the premiere episode of “Shop Today with Jill Martin” Thursday on the Today All Day streaming channel: “My kids have never seen me in a movie… I mean, I think my son has seen the ‘Iron Man’ things, but I don’t think my daughter has ever seen me in a movie.”

The “Politician” star said that Apple “thinks it’s weird if I’m onscreen,” laughing, “She says she likes me here,” as she placed both hands over her heart.

Paltrow also revealed that her favourite movie of her own is the 2001 comedy “The Royal Tenenbaums”.

She spoke about how the movie holds a special place in her heart as she chatted during a virtual reunion for the Wes Anderson film at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this week.

“I have a memory of my dad visiting,” Paltrow said, according to USA Today. “He came the day that we did a scene where I’m getting off the bus and Richie’s picking me up, and my dad was there. It was a very special day.”

The actress’ father, Bruce Paltrow, passed away a year after the film was released due to complications from cancer and pneumonia at age 58.

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“I also really hate, hate, hate seeing myself in a movie ever and it’s kind of like the only scene that I can watch of myself of my whole career,” Paltrow added.

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