Jimmy Kimmel welcomed a memorable guest to Wednesday night’s edition of his late-night talk show: Captain Michael Packard, the Massachusetts fisherman who made headlines when he was hospitalized Friday after being swallowed by a whale while diving for lobster off the coast of Cape Cod.

Packard appeared inside the mouth of a fake whale, accompanied by First Mate Josiah Mayo.

“I thought about it and I was like, ‘No way am I getting in that. I’m going back to Cape Cod!'” Packard joked about getting inside the whale’s mouth for his “Kimmel” appearance. “But then I thought about it harder like, you know what, it’s the perfect celebration of life. I survived! My two boys are home watching this.”

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He also clarified that he “wasn’t swallowed,” he was simply inside the whale’s mouth. “Let’s get that straight!” he explained.

According to Mayo, he was on the boat when Packard dove, and began to see splashing in the water, believing he was witnessing “that shark attack we’re always worried about” before Packard “shot out of the water.”

“When it first happened, like Josiah said, I was descending, I almost got to the bottom, I was at about 35 feet and I just got hit by a freight truck, Bam!” explained Packard. “Everything just went instantly dark and I’m just moving, traveling fast through the water.”

He recalled thinking, “What the heck, did I just get eaten by a shark? No, shark’s mouths aren’t that big, I don’t feel any teeth. Great, I didn’t get eaten by a shark.”

That led to the realization he was inside the mouth of a whale, and began kicking and punching. “[I’m] just thinking, there’s no way I’m going to get out of this unless he decides to let me go. I’m dead,” he added.

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After about 30 seconds inside the whale, Packard managed to escape, with Mayo pulling him back into the boat. “First thing I said was, ‘I was in the f**kng whale’s mouth!'” said Packard.

Kimmel joked about Packard’s Reddit AMA, in which he revealed that if a movie is ever made of his experience that he hoped Matt Damon would play him.

“I wonder why you would aim so low,” joked Kimmel of his faux enemy. “And if he does play you, can the whale eat him? Can that be his final destination?”