Bowen Yang paid a virtual visit to Thursday’s edition of “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, where he discussed his new podcast, “Hot White Heist” and the past season of “Saturday Night Live”.

Among the sketches he discussed was his “Weekend Update” impression of author Fran Lebowitz, spoofing her Netflix docuseries “Pretend It’s a City”.

Meyers asked how Yang came to play Lebowitz in the sketch, pointing out that “it’s not natural casting.”

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According to Yang, he got the idea as he watched “Pretend It’s a City” while “under the influence of something,” and texted “SNL” writer Sudi Green and said, “I have this crazy idea, but I think I have to play Fran Lebowitz on ‘Update.'”

As Meyers noted, the sketch was generally well received, by everyone but Lebowitz herself, who first said she wasn’t interested in watching, only to subsequently say she didn’t like it.

“So I think that’s confirmation that she’s seen it, and she doesn’t care for it,” Yang said. “And I think that’s the highest compliment you can possibly get from someone like Fran.”

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Added Yang: “I wear it as a badge of honour that she did not like my portrayal of her. I probably wouldn’t either.”