Lorde knows where Billie Eilish is coming from.

In a clip from her recent appearance on BBC Radio 1, host Annie Mac asked Lord about the 19-year-old “bad guy” singer, and their shared experiences of rising two stardom as teenagers.

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“I see so many parallels between you guys and how you kind of came into the world,” the host said, asking if the two had spoken to each other before.

“We have sent just a few little messages back in the day when she was very young,” Lorde revealed.  She’s so, so sweet. There’s only a handful of people who understand what that’s like, to be a teenager and have that level of scrutiny on your body and your brain.

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She continued, “Obviously she’s pretty close with her family, as am I, which I think is really helpful at that age when your world is changing. Yeah, I mean the music is awesome. She’s just doing such a good job.”