Parents don’t always love everything their kids do.

On Thursday, actor Tony Hale appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, and the host brought up the recent Mother’s Day episode, in which he had celebrities read real tweets from their moms.

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“Hey son, our new friends are LOVING ‘Arrested Development’. We still don’t get it,” Hale read in that episode.

Asked if his mother still isn’t a fan of his breakout sitcom, Hale revealed, “My parents think ‘Arrested’ is dumb. To this day, they think it’s a stupid show, I’m not kidding. The only episode they thought was funny was when Martin Short was on. [My dad] was like, ‘Well he’s funny. That guy’s funny.’”

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And it wasn’t just “Arrested Development” that his parents didn’t like. They weren’t a fan of “Veep” either, with Hale saying that his dad “always has notes” about the show.

“Each episode, he’d be like, this line was crossing the line a little bit,” the actor recalled. “He had notes on every character.”