The MyPillow Guy really can’t take the heat.

On Thursday’s “The Daily Show”, correspondent Jordan Klepper went out to CEO Mike Lindell’s “free speech” rally in Wisconsin and ended up interviewing the man himself.

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The conversation with Lindell went cordially at first, with the businessman explaining his theory that Donald Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him, but after a bit of pushback from Klepper, things went sour.

“This is the crime of the century you’re describing, and they came to the MyPillow guy,” Klepper told him.

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“They came to me on January 9th… nobody talked about machines,” Lindell responded. “We talked about dead people, non residents, all the other stuff. I call it the organic fraud.”

Finally, after more back and forth, Lindell decided to walk out on the interview, exclaiming, “You guys are horrible.”