Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, co-host of his “Armchair Expert” podcast, dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday.

According to Padman, she’s so close with Shepard and wife Kristen Bell that she equates the their relationship to being Shepard’s second spouse.

“Absolutely, we’re in a three-way marriage,” quipped Padman. “Well, we were in a three-way marriage.”

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When host Jimmy Kimmel queried whether she meant that there was sex involved, she joked, “Not yet.”

Added Shepard: “Unfortunately not. It’s all the responsibilities of two wives without the sex.”

Not only do they work together on the podcast, Padman revealed she began living with Shepard and Bell at the start of the pandemic, and quickly found herself shouldering the family workload.

“It hit critical mass a month in because Kristen ‘got COVID,'” she explained, using air quotes. “We thought. So, she was in her room quarantining on her own. At the same time, Dax broke his hand — couldn’t make food, couldn’t help with anything.”

Added Shepard, “I had rods coming out of my fingers.”

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“And then I was there like, ‘Oh, I have to take care of all of these children while they’re on vacation,'” she continued. “Okay… Bye!”

Shepard insisted that her exit from the family’s home really was that quick. “It was abrupt, she just, like, entered the living room and she had all of her belongings,” he said.

“Like many marriages in quarantine, ours ended in divorce,” said Padman.