It’s been a week into Savannah Guthrie’s guest hosting spot on “Jeopardy” and fans are loving it.

While the reaction to “The Today Show” host’s take over is positive, Guthrie admits she was “nervous and intimidated” to fill in for the late Alex Trebek.

Sitting down DailyMailTV host Thomas Roberts, Guthrie said, “It’s so different, actually, than what we do on ‘The Today Show’.”

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“I was intimidated. I was nervous and it was challenging,” she explained. “And there was a part of me when I was starting out thinking, why am I doing this? You know, this is so outside my comfort zone. But in the end, I was really happy that I did it.”

Guthrie added, “It’s so fast. It has to be so precise. And the biggest stress for me was trying to just make sure the game kept rolling. And you keep the integrity of the game.”

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Later in the interview, Guthrie gushed about celebrating 10 years on “Today”.

“I feel like it’s been the best 10 years of my life,” she said. “I’ve had experiences that I could not have ever fathomed would happen to me, a kid from Tucson, Arizona.”

The former lawyer joins Mike Richards, Katie Couric, Bill Whitaker, Sanjay Gupta, Anderson Cooper, Aaron Rodgers, Dr. Oz and Mayim Bialik who have all guest hosted the show since Trebek’s death last year.

Trebek passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was 80-years-old.