Nicolas Cage’s mother has sadly passed away.

Joy Vogelsang was 85 when she died in Los Angeles on May 26, according to Cage’s brother, Christopher Coppola. 

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In a heartfelt Facebook post, he wrote, “My dear sweet mama died tonight at 10:33pm. Thank you for all your prayers and being with me the last few days.”

Coppola continued, “She had a very hard life with mental health issues. In all of that painful emotional chaos she still managed to teach me something super important. My mama lioness told me, her middle son cub, that I was affectionate. I was very embarrassed by the term affection. I thought it was a bad thing, a something to laugh at thing.”

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“I learned from my mama what ‘affection’ really means. I believe only a mama can truly teach that. It’s not love thy neighbor. It’s smaller yet bigger. Shake one’s hand with tenderness and meaning. Don’t let your mind wonder while you hug someone. And, and your kiss should definitely be sincere and in the moment…if it is not, well, that adds to hell on earth.”

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The sad news comes not long after Cage wed girlfriend Riko Shibata in a “small and intimate” Las Vegas ceremony.

The actor has most recently been filming “The Retirement Plan” with Ashley Greene.