If there’s anyone who knows about the challenges that come with being the intern, it’s Monica Lewinsky

On Friday, the former White House intern took to Twitter to share her support for a HBO Max intern who went viral after accidentally sending out a test email to thousands of subscribers.

The streaming service took to Twitter to clear up the error, explaining that “yes, it was the intern. No, really. And we’re helping them through it.”

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Many people shared their own hilarious takes on the whole fiasco.

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Lewinsky also shared her two cents on the situation. 

The activist is known for being the former mistress of President Bill Clinton, who she met while working as a young intern in the White House. 

“Dear intern: it gets better,” wrote the fashion designer and TV star.

She added, “ps. don’t wear a beret for awhile, k?”

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Lewinsky famously wore a beret while being pictured beside President Clinton before the affair was uncovered.