Uma Thurman has a new man in her life.

The “Kill Bill” actress, 51, is reportedly dating the CEO of Bloomberg Media, Justin B. Smith, also 51.

In an article in The New York Times titled, “Washington Society Steps Back Out”, journalist Shawn McCreesh casually drops the news that Thurman and Smith are an item — a fact hitherto not known by the entertainment news media.

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Describing a list of high-flying guests at a recent D.C. society event, McCreesh throws in Thurman’s name and the news of her new beau as something of a postscript. “Also [in attendance was] the actress Uma Thurman, who is dating Mr. Smith,” McCreesh says of the actress.

“Ms. Thurman likes D.C,” McCreesh writes. “I welcomed and was spiritually fascinated by the cicada that just crawled across my finger,” Thurman said, referring to the insect currently swarming D.C. and much of the eastern United States.

“Actually, I’m a news lover,” Thurmans added. “I really appreciate people like [CNN’s] Kaitlan [Collins].” Collins was another guest that could be spotted at the event.

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Thurman has been connected to many famous and influential men in the past. She was married to actor Ethan Hawke, 50, and before that was married to Oscar-winner Gary Oldman for two years (from 1990 to 1992). Thurman has also dated luxury hotelier André Balzas, 64, and was engaged to French financier Arpad Busson, 58.

Smith, meanwhile, has been dubbed one of the “35 Most Powerful People in New York Media” by The Hollywood Reporter. He was appointed CEO of Bloomberg Media in 2013.