Jennifer Garner loves her cat.

The “13 Going on 30” star took to Instagram on Friday to show off a unique sweatshirt with a special pouch for her feline friend, named Moose.

As she demonstrated in the video she posted, in addition to the pouch, the pink hoodie also features a zipper that allows a section to open up so Moose’s head can pop out.

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“Where’s my cat?” asked Garner as she walks through her house before finding Moose, “The internet got us a present!”

She then put Moose into the pouch, which proved to be trickier than she thought as the frisky feline squirmed and wriggled as she tried to encase the cat in the pouch until her efforts finally proved successful.

“Instagram Ads: 1. Moose: 0,” she captioned the video.

Garner’s hilarious video yielded hundreds of comments, including reactions from such celebs as Chelsea Handler, Jessica Seinfeld, her former “Alias” co-star Kevin Weisman, and actresses Gina Torres, Merring Dungey and Kristin Chenoweth.