Did Justin Bieber ghost Diplo?

That appears to be the case in a series of text messages Diplo shared in a TikTok video that’s gone viral with more than 7 million views.

“Yo biebs, it’s Wes! Was dope linking with you last night,” reads a 2017 text from Diplo (whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz.

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“Hey this isn’t ‘biebs.’ I Think someone gave you the wrong number, Sorry,” responded the person at the other end of the number.

“Damn,” Diplo replied.

He then shares another text, with the date reading “today,” from the same number that Diplo initially texted.

“Hey it’s Justin,” reads the text, “did you get those vocals I sent over the other day?”

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Diplo concluded with a hilarious caption, writing, “at least I wasn’t ghosted.”


at least I wasn’t ghosted

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