Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down for a chat with his daughter Katherine and spoke about the family’s thoughts on his involvement with politics.

The “Terminator” star joined his daughter’s IG show “BDA Baby” — Before, During and After Baby — referencing her daughter Lyla with Chris Pratt.

When Arnie ran for governor of California, Katherine straight up told him, “Dad, I hate your job.”

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“First of all, I think it is very important to let everyone know how much you kids hated my job. It was one of those kind of odd things where I just thought that: Oh, my kids will be so proud of me being governor now, and all this stuff, but I don’t think that you guys really kind of connected with that,” said Arnold. “I think you were so used to what we were doing when I was on a movie set.”


Arnold did question his daughter about why she despised his job. He recalled her answer: “You said, ‘Everyone around here is running around in a stupid black suit and a tie and you all look so serious. It was much more fun on a movie set… Why did you take us out of this fun? Why did you change?'”

“Yeah,” Katherine said laughing. “Valid question!”

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Maria Shriver and Arnold decided the family would no longer be used to further his political career.

“We made an unbelievable attempt to make you guys grow up normal,” said Arnold. “I give your mother the credit for that because she grew up privileged… She knew how to safeguard and protect you all.”

Katherine agreed that even though they had all the perks, she “had a very normal childhood, despite what people may think.”