Sometimes you need to detach from social media.

On the new “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast, host David Yontef welcomes “Real Housewives of New York” star Eboni K. Williams, who talks about stepping away from social media during her freshman season.

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“It was hard and it was easy. It was hard in the sense that, like yourself, we’re talkers, we’re thinkers. We want to be a part of the narrative,” she says of her self-imposed social media break. “And obviously I knew when these episodes landed, as has come to pass, there was going to be a lot of conversation and it was going to hit the national discourse and it has, and will continue to do more so, once episode 6 drops.”

Williams also talks about her relationship with “The View” co-host Meghan McCain.

“I used to work with Meghan McCain at Fox News and as she graciously mentioned, we were often very competent sparring partners,” she says. “And the nature of the work we did there didn’t allow for a lot of just kind of warm, fuzzy connection. ‘Cause we were doing very, very high-stakes work but it was really nice to hear my former colleague. Meghan McCain is so just warm and gracious around her experience with me professionally and personally.”

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Asked if she would be interested in joining “The View” herself, Williams says, “‘The View’ is an institution. I am an old-school Barbara Walters, ’20/20′ fan. It’s an incredible platform. I guess the short answer is, that would be something I would be extremely excited to have a conversation about because the topics on there are so important.”

She adds, “The ability to sit with one another’s perspectives without sitting to respond, but sitting to listen, going back to that skill we learn in law school, the ability to listen and not just only be stuck in your argument but be open to just some level of fluidity in your thinking in your unconscious bias. So I think all of those things are pretty unique opportunities on a platform like ‘The View’ and could be interesting.”