Starring in John Lee’s “Falsa Positive” was the easiest “yes” of Pierce Brosnan’s career.

The actor, 68, joined forces with his director for an interview on The Playlist Podcast Network’s “The Fourth Wall” and opened up about why the film’s social and political relevance helped draw him to the project.

The psychological horror film follows Lucy and Adrian (Ilana Glazer and Justin Theroux) as they find their dream fertility doctor in the illustrious Dr. Hindle (Brosnan). But after becoming pregnant, Lucy begins to notice something sinister behind Hindle’s charm, and she sets out to uncover the unsettling truth about him.

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According to Brosnan, putting emphasis on the women having children but not providing them with a proper set of resources once they do get pregnant, was an important issue that needed to be told.

“Stories are what keep me going,” said Brosnan. “I’m not thinking of social issues; I’m thinking, ‘can I believe in this character and hang my heart on this script?’ It was an easy one to say yes to.”

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Lee added, “That was always part of the script. If you’re not talking about politics, you’re not talking about birth and fertility…. the ultimate issue was the lack of support with healthcare, physical [and] mental. We live in a society [that has] created this lack of support for women and couples. ‘Mommy brain’ is not actual healthcare, [it’s] just a bandaid. It’s an insult to women, reducing them to not being individuals.”

Brosnan also chatted about his iconic run as James Bond nearly 20 years ago.

When asked about what differences there would be in his interpretation of the role today, the star said, “It’s a good question. He’s forever with me in one way or another and you have to make peace with that when you find work that will sort of dismantle that. I’m not sure how I would play him now.”

“False Positive” starts streaming on Disney+ on June 25.