Kris Jenner and her family are “Keeping Up With the Scotts” on a new episode of “Celebrity IOU”!

Monday’s episode of the home makeover show featured Kris and her daughters Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner teaming up with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, to surprise her friend, Lisa, with a stunning home transformation.

“I grew up idolizing her,” Kendall said of the longtime family friend, who Kris says is like an aunt to her kids. “I was like, ‘I want to be like Lisa one day.’ Her and I have a really strong connection.”

“She’s the one where, if I had a baby, she was at the house two days later with dinner for everyone,” Kris agreed. “She’s always been so giving and loving with my family.”‘

As Kris explained, Lisa has been her friend for over 40 years, and is actually the person who inspired her to move to the family’s hometown of Hidden Hills, California. Lisa recently returned to the secluded community in the Santa Monica Mountains following the deaths of her husband and mother, and remodelled a modest home — but she didn’t have much left over for the exterior front and backyard.

“I feel like this is where her heart is,” Kris said, noting that she feels partially responsible for Lisa moving back to the community. “This is where her memories of her husband are.”

Kris, Kendall and Kim, along with Drew and Jonathan, surprised Lisa at her home, before mapping out a five-week renovation plan to give her a beautiful outdoor space to match her new home.

“This gift from her, it’s such a gift of love,” Lisa said of Kris choosing her for the “Celebrity IOU” home makeover. “It just means to me that her and my husband are talking, and he’s telling me to move forward, because he knows I’m having a very hard time.”

After making their plans, the Property Brothers got to work — with some manual labour from Kris and Kendall on the jackhammer! — laying sod, digging a new pool and using a crane to lift in mature olive trees and massive patio equipment.

Kim joined the team for the final touches, sharing how excited she is to provide Lisa with “a personal space that she can go outside and feel like she’s alive again.”

“Lisa’s had a really hard few years,” she added. “She’s honestly been there for us through everything, since we were born, and she needs a retreat, a backyard that she can feel is home.”

The end result was truly stunning, as Kris, Kendall, Kim, and especially Lisa were blown away by the new outdoor space, which includes a lounge area with a standalone fireplace, a massive outdoor kitchen, and a family-friendly pool area with a built-in spa, where Lisa will be able to entertain friends and family all year long.

“This is so beyond anything I could have ever expected,” marvelled Lisa, who was also surprised when several family members greeted her in the newly renovated space. “To come back and see this oasis, I just know that this is the happiness that I really need, and I’m so looking forward to it all.”

Celebrity IOU” airs on HGTV Canada. See more on this season in the video below.


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