It’s Conan O’Brien’s last week on TBS, so obviously Paul Rudd had to pull off his epic prank one last time.

The actor crashed Bill Hader’s interview, appearing behind the actor as he blamed Rudd for a previous terrible “Saturday Night Live” sketch that was so bad it didn’t air.

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“How dare you?” Rudd insisted after Hader told O’Brien how the “Ant-Man” actor refused to do Ed Burns’ voice for the sketch.

Rudd said he did do the voice, it was just an awful bit, so awful in fact that Lorne Michaels said it was the “worst-received sketch of all time.”

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In true Rudd fashion, he then said he’d air a clip of the dress rehearsal, only to air that hilarious clip from the 1988 “E.T.” knockoff, “Mac and Me”.

O’Brien pointed out that Rudd had been pulling the epic prank for around 20 years now, getting him every single time because he was such a nice guy.

Rudd first pulled the prank on “Conan” back in 2004 while promoting the series finale of “Friends”.