Ludacris is so busy working he completely missed a small detail: his house comes equipped with a tennis court.

Ludacris dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres” show on Wednesday. The “Grew Up A Screw Up” rapper is “finally able to enjoy the fruits of his labour” during the pandemic, and learned a few things.

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“I’m finding things in my home and on my property that I never even knew were there,” he joked. “I actually have a tennis court, if you could believe it or not. I didn’t even know that this was on the property.”

“But I’m enjoying myself because I’m able to finally relax and enjoy this property that I’ve spent so much money on,” he added.

A video of Ludacris piloting a plane had the Internet believing that he got his pilot license. That is not the case; however, it is something the three-time Grammy-nominee plans on securing eventually.

“I’m just as surprised as everyone else,” he responded. “The Internet just ran with the fact that I have an official pilot’s license when the saw the video. I never said that! But who am I correct the Internet. The internet believes what they want to believe.”

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“But that’s something that’s called a ‘nickel ride,’ that term goes back to the military days. So, it’s my first time actually flying,” Ludacris told DeGeneres. “I actually own a plane, but for all of these years, I’ve never wanted to become a pilot, because you can’t drink alcohol within eight hours of flying. Who would want to go on a vacation and not drink before they leave?”

Concluding, “Long story short, that’s the first of many, but I do plan to get my pilot’s license soon. It’s a work in progress, it takes some time.”