Kristen Wiig hosted the ultimate team-building exercises before filming “Bridesmaids”.

Rose Byrne, who starred as Helen in the beloved 2011 comedy, joined Kelly Clarkson on Tuesday’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to talk about her new AppleTV+ series “Physical” and recalled some of her favourite behind-the-scenes moments with her castmates.

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And one of those moments was a trip to the strip club, organized by Wiig.

“Kristen Wiig hired a party bus and we all got on. There was like a bar… this was pre-COVID obviously, like 10 years ago,” Byrne recalled. “But yeah, we went to the strip club in L.A. and all the women in the audience were like getting married or like bridal parties… so it was hysterical.”

She added, “It was a great bonding night. It was all Kristen Wiig.”

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Clarkson laughed, “What a great team-building exercise.”

But it was a great night, said Byrne, “I got up on stage at one point but I was wearing a very expensive blouse and he was very oily, so I was like, ‘Oh no, this cost a lot of money.’”