Singer Jimmie Herrod debuted on “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday, informing the judges he’d be performing “Tomorrow” from the Broadway hit “Annie”.

This, however, presented a problem when judge Simon Cowell tells him he loathes that song, telling him “Tomorrow” is “my worst song in the world.”

An even bigger problem, however, came when Herrod informed the judges that “Tomorrow” was the only song he’d prepared and he had no choice but to perform it.

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Herrod’s powerful, soulful vocals shone through, however, and made Cowell admit he was now a fan.

“Wow, it’s not my worst song anymore,” he says with a laugh. “Unbelievable.”

Sofia found herself booed then cheered when she first said she didn’t like the performance, but only “because I loved it!”

To demonstrate just how infatuated she was with the performance, Vergara then slammed her palm down on the Golden Buzzer.