Singer-songwriter Andy Grammer paid a visit to “The Viall Files” podcast, hosted by former Bachelor Nick Viall.

During their candid discussion, the “Best of You” singer opens up about self-worth, egos, balance and how it all combined to inspire his new music.

“I’ve been going to therapy,” revealed Grammer, noting that being kept offstage during the pandemic proved to be the impetus.

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“Not being able to do the thing that you think is your purpose in life, just trying to reorganize where I get my self-worth from… [therapy is] not about being charming, you’re having a conversation and it’s not about getting this person to laugh or like you, you’re working through your steps, it’s very strange and unfortunately needed for me,” he explained.

“I see myself as a happy person so letting go of some of my ego… I feel like I lost 20 pounds of ego weight through the pandemic,” added Grammer.

In fact, the songs he wrote while undergoing therapy shaped his new album. “During the pandemic, I wrote my next record and it’s a lot about self-worth… I love personally to get into topics where there are high stakes and write about things that are super vulnerable… it can have a big impact on people,” he said.

Grammer also discusses his experience with celebrity. “Fame is such a crazy thing to trade on, worth wise, it’s such a crazy roller coaster of who’s hot, what’s working, what’s not. I’ve been doing this for 10 years now so I’ve taken the roller coaster and it’s a terrible thing to be placing too much of your self-worth in,” Grammer admits.

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However, he’s “created boundaries and created mental pockets, like throughout the day I’ll put my phone down and just be with my daughters, that is irrelevant to whatever anyone thinks about me, whether my song is blowing up, this is the undeniable who I am where I build myself up.

Grammer also revealed that his Bahá’í faith has also been an inspiration for his music.  “Music is the ladder to the soul,” he said. “The last song on my last record Don’t Give Up On Me, the way that people use that was so inspiring to me, they’d put it on every day and realize like, ‘No I’m not going to give up on myself.'”

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