Courteney Cox joined her fellow “Friends” stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show”.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, Cox candidly shared her feelings about being the only one of the sitcom’s six stars to not have been nominated for an Emmy.

“Sure. Yeah, it always hurt my feelings,” Cox admitted. “When every single cast member was nominated but me, it definitely hurt my feelings. I was happy for everybody, and then when it was finally like, ‘Oh, I’m the only one?’ It hurt.”

However, she felt vindicated when she received a Golden Globe nomination for the first season of her subsequent sitcom “Cougar Town”.

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“And then the only thing that made me feel good — because they’ve all won and they’ve gotten so many accolades — I got nominated for ‘Cougar Town’ the first year — a Golden Globe. And I want to say, ‘Oh, who cares?’ It meant everything to me,” Cox confessed.

“I wanted my peers to respect me and I know that the Golden Globes is not your peers, necessarily, but it’s like, ‘Ah!’ It took a little of the sting out.”

Stern asked if she watched the Emmys during the years when her “Friends” co-stars were nominated.

“Always!” she insisted. “I want them to win, I just also want to be part of it. I’ve never wanted to take anything away from anyone. I just sometimes want to be included in certain things… And these girls on the show and the guys, everyone deserved every [nomination]. I’m in awe of both of your talent. And every way. I mean, to this day, even though we’re this close, I get excited when I watch ‘The Morning Show’… I mean, it’s incredible,” Cox told Aniston. “And you, too, everything you do,” she told Kudrow. “Your dramas — everything.”

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However, Cox recalled being nominated for a People’s Choice Award for the first season of “Friends” — the only member of the cast to receive a nomination — and remembered thinking, “Oh, I feel horrible. Oh, these actors! Ah! And I got nominated? I’m so embarrassed. Cut to — there goes that. I shouldn’t have felt bad.”