John Cena revealed the truth behind the rumours he’s returning to WWE on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show”.

Jimmy Fallon asked the actor whether the claims were correct, to which he replied that they were, adding: “I just don’t know when.”

He insisted, “I haven’t had my last match and I can’t wait to have my next one.”

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Cena had fans freaking out after posting the WWE logo back in May, insisting he just did it because he was feeling nostalgic.

The star, who has been promoting his latest movie “F9”, also spoke about getting married to Shay Shariatzadeh and told a story about his brother Matt’s wedding.

“I thought it would be a nice gesture to open the bar,” he explained. “Drinks are on me, that’s my gift to the bride and groom. Nobody would have to pay for anything.”

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“I found out it was a mistake when my brother Dan and I got into a fistfight in the middle of the dance floor and closed the wedding down,” Cena laughed.

He joked, “You could tell, right then and there, who were guests, and who were a member of the Cena family.

“The guests were like, ‘What are you gonna do to stop it?’ And the Cena family’s like, ‘No, no, let ’em figure it out. Let ’em do it.'”

Cena’s appearance also saw him and Fallon go head-to-head in 30-second challenges, like transporting Skittles from one plate to another using a spoon held in their mouths.