A difficult year brought out the best in everyone.

On Thursday, a new episode of “Stories from the Show” was released, looking back on the filming of Global’s “Saturday Night Live” season 46, through a pandemic, presidential election and more.

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In the online special, procure Lorne Michaels and the “SNL” cast share their experiences from the wildest season any of them could’ve imagined.

Featured in the video is footage from behind-the-scenes, giving fans a glimpse at the socially distanced table reads, the hygiene and testing protocol and more.

“This is a little scary. Everything will be different,” says Michaels at the first table read of the season. “Where we make our decisions, how we make our decisions, what rehearsal is like. And then when you’re on the air, everything will feel pretty much the same.”

Colin Jost says, “I definitely thought we were not going to get through even the first run of six shows.”

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As Michaels explains, the show has never actually done six shows in a row before, but doing so allowed the show to maintain a proper COVID bubble.

“It’s so different,” Pete Davidson says of the protocols. “We have no social contact with any cast member.”

“We had each other, and so even though people were six feet apart, they were as close as they’ve ever been,” Michaels says.

“Saturday Night Live” airs 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on Global.