Emma Corrin is known for her role as Princess Diana in “The Crown”, but this isn’t the first brush she’s had with royalty.

The actress, 25, chatted with Jimmy Kimmel on his show Wednesday, with the host bringing up the fact that she actually attended Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding as a fan, years before she nabbed the royal TV role.

Corrin said of getting the part of Diana, “Yeah it was kind of insane, also because I hadn’t really been like a massive Royal Family person before that.”

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She added of being outside the palace for the royal wedding, “I was 15 and I was with my friend Katherine and we got very very swept up in the royal wedding fever.”

“I think probably cause we were incredibly bored and incredibly single. And so we decided to go,” Corrin shared, telling Kimmel how she and her friend had also bought one of those terrible William and Kate movies the night before and watched it.

Corrin went on to speak further about playing Diana in season 4 of “The Crown”, admitting she wanted to bury herself under a carpet for a long time to process the news.

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She admitted she then absorbed all the Diana information like a sponge, revealing how her mom who’s a speech therapist helped her prepare for the role.