Comedian and Global‘s “Saturday Night Live” icon Dana Carvey gave Conan O’Brien a LOL-inducing sendoff on the second-to-last episode of the late night host’s long running show on TBS.

Carvey, who has known O’Brien since the pair were in their 20s, sent the comedian into a fit of laughter when he revealed that he would try out some new material which he usually reserves for small comedy clubs on O’Brien’s programme.

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“I like to do bad standups,” Carvey said before introducing a character he invented called, “Red Rednecky, the redneck comedian.” Red’s jokes “are intentionally terrible and he has a catchphrase,” Carvey added. “So see if it amuses you. I don’t know, intentionally bad comedy.”

“This is my second-to-last show and you’re trying s*** out on a piece of paper?” O’Brien asked, barely able to contain himself. “This looks like a f***ing suicide note!”

Without further ado, Carvey let the jokes rip.

“You ever crap so big you don’t know if it’s gonna go down that toilet? Come and get some,” Carvey said in a southern drawl as Red Rednecky. The “Come and get some” bit is Red’s catchphrase as it turns out.

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As for the rest of Red’s jokes? Well, they went something like this:

“I married my sister, only cause mama turned me down,” Carvey quipped before adding, “Come and get some.”

“I asked my mama what’s for dinner, she says roadkill, I say, what kind? She says, I gotta take a drive. Come and get some,” Carvey’s Red said.

Carvey’s segment ended on a more emotional note, however, as the pair reminisced about their first meeting and the friendship they have forged over the years.

The final episode of “Conan” on TBS airs Thursday.