Television’s longest-tenured late-night host has ended a 28-year run, sitting behind the desks of “Late Night”, “The Tonight Show” (albeit briefly), and his TBS show “Conan”, which aired its final episode Thursday.

To mark the occasion, host Conan O’Brien (who previously worked as a writer on “Saturday Night Live” and “The Simpsons”) received an exit interview from none other than Homer Simpson himself.

The “Simpsons” patriarch is apparently not a “Conan” fan, faintly praising his guests’ “mildly interesting” talk-show anecdotes.

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As the animated dad pointed out, late-night hosts like O’Brien are “a dying breed,” noting that, “There’s only like 800 of you left.”

Ultimately, Homer demonstrated his affection for the departing host, telling him that “you mean the world to me, Conrad.”

Jack Black then joined the farewell celebrations, telling O’Brien he was his first-ever talk show interview.

“I was scared as hell,” admitted Black. “I was petrified. I had never been in front of a late-night audience before. You were so smart, and funny and kind. It was the best way to enter the late-night television world and I will always feel a special connection with you and worship you.”

Black and O’Brien also revealed their intention to air a musical number during Thursday’s episode, in which Black would “fake an injury” and be taken to the ambulance by paramedics.

However, Black got injured for real, explaining how he sprained his ankle and now had to walk with a cane.

Will Ferrell also bid farewell to Conan, joking how it’s been “exhausting” having to always tape farewell speeches for all his talk shows.

He said, “I love you Conan but if you don’t mind, can I just pre-tape a few goodbyes and you can just use them when your next several shows flame out? We can just get it out of the way.”

O’Brien delivered an emotional speech to mark the occasion, thanking his family, his staff, and the fans who have joined him on a “crazy and seemingly pointless pursuit” over the past 11 years.

“My advice to anyone watching right now is, it is not easy to do but try and do what you love with people you love and if you can manage that, it’s the definition of heaven on earth.”

Meanwhile, celebrities took to Twitter to shower O’Brien with love on the occasion of the final episode of “Conan”, including late-night competitor Jimmy Kimmel and numerous comedians who’d appeared on the show over the years.