After spending the last few years out of the spotlight following his record-breaking “Divide” tour and the arrival of his first daughter, Ed Sheeran is back with his energetic new single “Bad Habits”.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, the Grammy winner reveals the track only made his upcoming, fifth studio album because of one very special lady in his life: wife Cherry Seaborn.

“Since it’s been the pandemic, the only person I’ve really played into is my wife,” he shares. “She’s the one that said ‘Bad Habits’ should be the first single.”

“‘Bad Habits’ came on, which I wasn’t even considering having on the record, and she was like, ‘This is the one!’ So she’s someone who I trust the opinion of.”

While Sheeran leans on his wife for musical influence, he still bounces new material off his good friend Taylor Swift, telling us “Taylor is still that person in my life.”

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In terms of Sheeran’s own “bad habits”, he admits he didn’t have an “off switch” and “loved boozing,” but his daughter Lyra Antarctica positively influenced his lifestyle.

“I think, as soon as you have a child, selfishness goes out the window and you have to exist as a parent,” he says. “I’m not making decisions based on what I want, I’m not going to go out ’til five in the morning because I want to. I’m going to be like, ‘Oh, I have to be up in two hours to look after my daughter. That’s my priorities tonight.'”

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While fatherhood hasn’t changed his style of music, it has changed the emotions that fuel that music.

“I feel like being a dad opens up a pool of love you didn’t know existed,” gushes the singer. “But equal to that love, you’ve got an insane amount of worry. So you’ve got more love and more worry.”

Watch our full interview with Sheeran below.